Friday, December 16, 2011

Interview on priesthood

Interview between Rev. Fr.Michael Uzoma Chukwu and Miss Vivian Nwaugo on priesthood.

Miss Vivian: Please can we meet you?
Fr. Michael: Yes. I am Rev. Fr. Michael Chukwu. I am the assistant parish priest of St. Paul's Parish Osu.
Miss Vivian: When were you ordained a priest?
Fr. Michael; I was ordained a priest of the Catholic Church on the 24th September 2011.
Miss Vivian: How did you feel the day you were ordained a priest?
Fr. Michael: Wow, that is a million dollar question. How did I feel? I was so elated. My heart was so overwhelmed with joy. I felt fulfilled. Somehow, I felt I had finished the race, but it was a new beginning again. I was so happy this new beginning came to be. Seeing friends around to share this joy with me touched me immensely that I felt like swimming in the ocean of this experience. I didn't want it to end, so I prayed to God to allow me flow in this joy forever.
Miss Vivian: What was your first Mass like?
Fr. Michael: That day was one of the most challenging day of my life. Seeing myself preside over this awesome event which I have always cherished and revered made an impact on me. I was caught in the midst of heaven and earth, wow. God is here and I am the priest making this come to be. At some moments within the Mass, I felt like Jesus was coming to take hold of me and present himself again to all of us gathered there. Though at some moments, I fumbled with the words and, since I was not much of a singer, went off key, at other time, I still believed in the efficacy of what was happening to me and all of us there.
Miss Vivian:That was an awesome experience. The feeling of having the supernatural answer to your call.
Miss Vivian: Thank you so much Fr..Its been a pleasure, being with you today. I hope God continues to be with you till we come your way again.
Fr. Michael; Thank you too, my dear friend. May God bless you dearly and may he keep us always in his peace. Merry Christmas in advance.

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