Friday, December 16, 2011

Interview on priesthood

Interview between Rev. Fr.Michael Uzoma Chukwu and Miss Vivian Nwaugo on priesthood.

Miss Vivian: Please can we meet you?
Fr. Michael: Yes. I am Rev. Fr. Michael Chukwu. I am the assistant parish priest of St. Paul's Parish Osu.
Miss Vivian: When were you ordained a priest?
Fr. Michael; I was ordained a priest of the Catholic Church on the 24th September 2011.
Miss Vivian: How did you feel the day you were ordained a priest?
Fr. Michael: Wow, that is a million dollar question. How did I feel? I was so elated. My heart was so overwhelmed with joy. I felt fulfilled. Somehow, I felt I had finished the race, but it was a new beginning again. I was so happy this new beginning came to be. Seeing friends around to share this joy with me touched me immensely that I felt like swimming in the ocean of this experience. I didn't want it to end, so I prayed to God to allow me flow in this joy forever.
Miss Vivian: What was your first Mass like?
Fr. Michael: That day was one of the most challenging day of my life. Seeing myself preside over this awesome event which I have always cherished and revered made an impact on me. I was caught in the midst of heaven and earth, wow. God is here and I am the priest making this come to be. At some moments within the Mass, I felt like Jesus was coming to take hold of me and present himself again to all of us gathered there. Though at some moments, I fumbled with the words and, since I was not much of a singer, went off key, at other time, I still believed in the efficacy of what was happening to me and all of us there.
Miss Vivian:That was an awesome experience. The feeling of having the supernatural answer to your call.
Miss Vivian: Thank you so much Fr..Its been a pleasure, being with you today. I hope God continues to be with you till we come your way again.
Fr. Michael; Thank you too, my dear friend. May God bless you dearly and may he keep us always in his peace. Merry Christmas in advance.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two Months into the Priesthood.

Two Months into the Priesthood.

Two months ago, precisely, on the 24th of September 2011, I was ordained a priest of the Holy Catholic Church. To my greatest surprise, it was so ellaborate an event. God blessed the ocassion with much pump and joy. There were so many friends and family members travelling from all parts of the country to share my joy with me. The next day was the day of my first Mass. I could not imagine my poor sinfull presiding over so great numbers of Christ's faithfull. I was so touched. What has my God made me? Can I live the enormous responsibilities my God my given me? These and many other question kept going through my mind.

That first Mass I celebrated so inspired me that till today it has continued to be new to me everyday I celebrate it. I resolved, at that first Mass, at the point when I held the sanctisimum in my hand before communion, that I would be a saint, that this would be my greatest ambition as a priest. Surprisingly, after Mass that day, a friend asked me, "now what next?" My reply was so simple and direct, "to strive towards holiness of life and sainthood!" My reply for her made no sense. I noticed this the way she looked at me and said, "and ....?" All I could say was, "just that", with the question, " is that not a big ambition?" She shrugged and left.

Two months now, and this has continued to be the one desire - to be so configured into Christ that I totally loose myself for/in him. Every new day have come and gone with challenges, but they all have been stepping stones to greater heights.

I thank God for his many graces, inspirations aninkiness and hope among your people. Amen!